Positive image library

for creating and supporting positive and constructive thinking

Our project aims to build new way of communication with Art.

We believe that by using Art in its full potential we end up not only with beauty and joy for eyes but also powerful tool for exploration and growth of human consciousness.

It can help us build up our mental health contributing to big change that is happening right now in our society. In our believe the most active part of revolution is to change oneself and bring to life values we want to see it the world.



FirmMe - affirmation imaginary

Affirmation is nothing more or less than being aware of what we say. We affirm all days. The true power is to be conscious about it and use it for Our good.

The knowledge we have now is enough to use it for achieving our true desires and make the world a better place.

Starting: Now.


We are work in progress

I am creative power.

Great ideas just flow out of my mind naturally.

I have fantastic potential that I use all the time.

I have a great mind that I use in good of Humanity.

Iam creative being and I love it.

Naturally great ideas flow in me,

I am creative and brave in


I grow with my imagination.


I am a temple.

I am where all best gifts belong.

I am a guard of peace and love.

I am safe space for values and sacred silence.

I follow sacred plan.

I am the strong and sacred.

I deserve best and treat myself as best.


FirmMe Imaginary

By remembering the same patterns everyday We tend to normalise them.

By repeating the same warm images they blend in Us in confidence of Our true believes that help us grow.

Strategy level

We tend to plan Our growth and developement in deep connection with nature of all things. That’s from where Your all problems occur. We can invite in Our life knowledge in different way to know how to deal with reality before it strikes. Practice conscious developement.

Graphic Design

projects of designs come from mossibilities of human symbolic vision.

we tend to understand images more fast than any word icons.


by Seeing the same image over and over again we tend to get accustomed with it and treat it unconsciously as a normality.

the system well known in commercialising.


developing healthy habit of warm and encouraging thoughts is great base for being comfortable and loving toward Yourself.

Firm Me - project of symbolic re-learning

thanks to our great biology we can make any “operational system’’ available to us.

Symbolic learning is easy and is based on our great gift – imagination.

Soon We will launch complete guide how to- all I’ve learned and tested on me and compatible imaginary for supporting learning process.

Firm Me project

Colourful Painting

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